spaceWhat if every piece of imagination created in your mind exists?  Maybe, it is no coincidence that we have this ability; the power to create imagination.  If we do not imagine it, then it does not exist.  To try to explain the origin of our thoughts is nearly impossible and complicated, but the idea that whatever we create in our minds, exists somewhere out there in the infinite space, is compelling.  Sometimes, focusing on our thoughts can feel realistic for a split second.  How do you prolong these realistic feeling thoughts?  Dreaming.  I am sure we have all had dreams so vivid, that we believe it really happened.  What if dreamers all have a common destination where their souls travel?  Perhaps a different dimension where flesh, bone, and matter can never enter.  It is a very intriguing idea to say the least.


While having a heart beat keeps us alive, a “mind beat” is just as important to preserve and raise the quality of our lives.  Everything that we do, everything we have done, and everything we will do is based on our decisions/thoughts.  These are the very decisions that shape our lives, the decisions that bring us up, down, or keep us in the middle (stable).  The more active the mind, the more thoughts it generates.  Constant fresh new thoughts are a “blessing”.  People make decisions to go up, down, or stay in the middle in life.  The ones that go up usually pursue the things they truly believe in.  Going to college to pursue a degree for example, is a journey where people are introduced to new ideas and and in turn are “forced” to think “outside the box”.  The ones in the middle are comfortable with their lives and positions and live on a day by day basis. They can be described as being “inside the box”, but would have an easier time to consider or accept new ideas. The ones that are down, or bottom, to properly describe the scenario, are not only comfortable with their positions, but also disregard any new ideas.  These are people that are “inside a locked box”.  Thinking “outside the box” tends to yield the best results in decision making.  Remember, decisions are the things that determine your stance in life.

First blog post

First time blogger, a fitness enthusiast, and a mind full of thoughts from a small town in California.  The older I get, the greater my relationship with writing becomes.  I hope some of you can relate or be inspired with the content found here.  I cannot anticipate how often i will be posting blogs, but i will try to keep the content fresh.